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Here we keep you informed about the latest and most interesting developments on Gut Apeldör. Whether the new menu, a new Apeldör news or space closures – on this page you will find all the important information in a concise summary.

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Apeldör NEWS 01-2022

Dear Apeldörer,

the past 100 days were really steep due to weather and corona conditions, thoughtful perhaps also worrisome to look into the 2022 golf season. Today, however, I have decided to offer further Tristesse a paroli. Motivated by a sunny but stormy lap on our BIG APPLE.

Admittedly, in many places it looks as if our greenkeeping team has decided not to maintain the site anymore, but rather to destroy it. Four excavators of different sizes are currently working on our golf course and leave some massive traces. On the one hand, there are ditches at different locations throughout the plant, which are excavated free or even new in order to uncover drains so that they can be flushed when the ground is dry. On the other hand, it is the bank embankments on runway 7 of the BIG 9 and on runway 17 of the Big Apple that we are clearing of the reeds so that we can still see the water in the years to come. Don’t worry – as soon as the days get longer and the power of the sun increases, these wounds will heal quickly.

If you pass the clubhouse these days, you will see 6 large holes adjacent to the conservatory. This is where the foundations for the steel construction of the new terrace roof are being built as a replacement for the ageing umbrella. It took almost 8 months for all the requirements requested by the circle to be calculated and drawn by the architect, structural engineer, structural engineer for the construction and structural engineer for the glass roof. Actually, the completion was already planned for December, but now it will probably be March until everything looks as desired. Either way – look forward to this chic and protected new part of our terrace.
But there are still two big holes on the plant. On the BIG9 between lanes 6 and 7 as well as on the 9th tea, 10 metre-high GPS masts will be on display in the near future, guiding and steering the three new autonomous CEORA mowers. 1. 2 km thick cable are already laid diagonally through the square. It should start in the last week of March. Believe me, we’re all as excited as you are.

Certainly the “winter golfers” would have had a cup of coffee or a soup after the round in recent weeks, but they were standing in front of locked doors. Please consider this also as protection for you, dear members and for our employees, not to mention economic reason. But it’s “land in sight. ”. More than 30 times, federal-state conferences have decided on new restrictions for all of us. But a long-awaited change of course is coming, which gives me great confidence that in our free society citizens’ own responsibility will once again be brought to the forefront.

And so, even behind closed doors, we are anything but idle. From 14 February (Valentine’s Day) the Gutshof-Gastronomie and Hotel will open again and hopefully without any further restrictions in the future. On Thursday, March 24th, we invite you all to the Members Info Evening from 6pm in the Wintergarten and exactly with the beginning of summer time on March 27th, we start our opening tournament into the golf season 2022. And it goes on.

The next sporting highlight will take place on 22 April, when at the 22nd Dithmarscher Entrepreneur-Cup, when more than 100 active players meet after the tournament round (ProAm mode) in the evening for the official opening of the Apeldörer asparagus season. If you would like to be there, please contact our golf manager Alexander Schröder. On Monday, April 25, the weekly afterwork tournament series starts with the 5 sponsors (Mercedes Nord-Ostsee Automobile, ECCO Golf, Systemhaus Witt, Bauzentrum Schröder and the VR Bank Westküste). Short-term registration, 9 holes and handicap-relevant are a great opportunity to get to know friendly Apeldörer again and again and – this is new this year – with a final day of extra class. Entry fee € 12. A tournament series for everyone!

We don’t want to run the entire tournament calendar at this point, but I would like to point out a special week. From 3rd June to 9th June it is now to be made up – the Apeldörer anniversary week “25+1. ” You can register now – the tenders are available on the Internet.

So much for a first brief overview of this year’s sporting start. But the gastronomy has also put together some events for us. We start on February 14th with Valentine’s Day and a delicious menu for couples. And those of you who are no longer in love, please come for a hearty green cabbage meal on February 18th, starting at 5. 30 p. m. And if both don’t fit, please take a look at the latest menu “Apeldörer Hygge”, which will also be open from 18 February.

On the 4th of March a beer sommelier takes us to the world of beers and on Easter Sunday (17th of April) and Easter Monday (18th of April) we offer a cosy Easter brunch. Our Easter fire with barbecue will be the highlight on Saturday (April 16). We look forward to hearing from you.

For the entire Apeldör team the last 2 years and the start of this year were a mental and financial feat of strength. During this time, our managing director Tanja and all employees had to put a lot of energy into accepting bookings, cancelling them, planning events and cancelling them again, never losing courage and still looking forward to the coming months with optimism. I would like to thank Tanja and her team very much for this. If we are allowed to carry out all the reservations that are currently in our books, we have a very positive year ahead of us. And we look forward to it.

Let us all always remember our own responsibility – then we will no longer need restrictions and politicians will be able to take care of more important matters. To a sunny and carefree golf season.

Your Dieter Worms

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In the heart of charming Dithmarschen lie 27 lovingly maintained holes, completely blended into the typical landscape of the Geest and Knick. In harmony with nature, both beginners and professionals are welcomed with open arms to enjoy a friendly service, ideal playing conditions and fair sporting challenges all year round!

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